H-4 Women Knitted Long Sleeve Sweater 2232

H-4 Women Knitted Long Sleeve Sweater 2232

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The H-4 Sweater offers a unique blend of two distinct fabrics, combining a raincoat-inspired woven fabric with a fur-like texture. This stylish sweater is designed with attention to detail and distinctive features:

  • Fabric Combination: Woven raincoat fabric paired with a fur-like texture, creating a visually interesting and textured design.

  • Collar: Mock collar, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall style.

  • Sleeves: Pleated long sleeves that can be adjusted with snap buttons, allowing for a customizable and versatile look.

  • Pocket Detail: A small zipped pocket on the left sleeve, providing a functional and stylish element to the sweater.

  • Style: Unique and eye-catching style, setting it apart from conventional sweaters.

  • Composition: Made from a comfortable blend of 60% cotton, 30% polyamide, and 10% elastane, ensuring both softness and flexibility.

  • Origin: Crafted with precision in Turkey, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship of Turkish manufacturing.

The H-4 Sweater not only boasts a distinctive aesthetic but also offers a comfortable and adaptable fit, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. The combination of different fabrics, thoughtful design elements, and quality materials contribute to the overall appeal of this unique sweater.

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