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Glimmed Women Jean T-Shirt

Glimmed Women Jean T-Shirt

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The Glimmed Women Jean T-Shirt is a trendy and unique piece with the following features:

  1. Color and Material: The T-shirt itself is white and made from a soft, comfortable cotton. Attached to the T-shirt is a denim bustier overlay, providing a striking contrast.
  2. Design: The design of the Glimmed Women Jean T-Shirt features a layered look, with the white T-shirt forming the base and a denim bustier sewn on top. The bustier has a structured design with defined cups and a pointed, folded detail at the top, mimicking the look of a denim corset.
  3. Straps: The denim overlay includes thin denim straps that give the appearance of a tank top over the T-shirt.
  4. Fit: The T-shirt has a regular fit, while the denim bustier is form-fitting, creating a trendy and fashionable layered look.
  5. Back: The back of the T-shirt continues the layered design with the denim overlay, maintaining the stylish appearance from all angles.

This Glimmed Women Jean T-Shirt is perfect for adding a unique and fashionable element to casual outfits. It combines the comfort of a classic white T-shirt with the edgy style of a denim bustier, making it a versatile and standout piece in any wardrobe.

Made in Italy.

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