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Bize White Netting Blouse BZE067

Bize White Netting Blouse BZE067

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The Bize White Netting Blouse BZE067 is a distinctive and stylish piece that adds a modern twist to any wardrobe. Here are the key features:


  • The blouse has a relaxed and loose fit, making it comfortable to wear while still looking chic.
  • It features a drop-shoulder design that enhances the casual, laid-back look.


  • The blouse is primarily made of a wide mesh netting, giving it a unique and airy appearance.
  • It has a solid white collar and sleeve cuffs, which contrast nicely with the netted body.
  • The wide mesh design allows for layering over various tops or bralettes, making it versatile for different styles and occasions.


  • The blouse is white, providing a fresh and clean look that can be paired with various colors and patterns.


  • The mesh netting is lightweight and breathable, perfect for warm weather or layering.
  • The collar and cuffs are made from a solid fabric that offers structure and balance to the design.


  • This blouse is ideal for casual outings, beach days, or any event where you want to combine comfort with a fashionable edge.
  • It can be styled with high-waisted skirts, pants, or shorts for a trendy ensemble.

The Bize White Netting Blouse BZE067 is a standout piece that combines unique design elements with practicality, making it a versatile addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.

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