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525 Yellow Oversized T-Shirt F0433

525 Yellow Oversized T-Shirt F0433

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The '525 Yellow Oversized T-Shirt F0433' is a casual and comfortable piece with the following characteristics:

  • Color and Pattern: The shirt features a vibrant yellow color with a subtle tie-dye effect in lighter and darker shades of yellow, creating a dynamic and cheerful appearance.
  • Design and Fit:
    • Oversized Fit: The T-shirt is designed to be oversized, offering a relaxed and loose fit that drapes casually over the body.
    • Neckline: It has a wide, scooped neckline that can be worn off one shoulder for a stylish, laid-back look.
    • Sleeves: The sleeves are short and wide, contributing to the overall loose and comfortable fit of the shirt. 
  • Details: The shirt has a slightly asymmetrical hemline, adding a touch of uniqueness to the otherwise simple design. The back of the shirt includes the brand's signature "525" logo printed near the neckline.

Overall, the '525 Yellow Oversized T-Shirt F0433' is a versatile and trendy piece, perfect for pairing with jeans or shorts for a relaxed, casual look. The bright yellow color and oversized fit make it a standout item in any casual wardrobe.

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