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H-4 Women’s Pants 2486

H-4 Women’s Pants 2486

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The H-4 2486 Pants are designed for those who appreciate bold, statement-making fashion.

Loose, wide-leg fit for maximum comfort and a striking silhouette.
High-waisted design to enhance the figure and provide a flattering look.
Available in a dynamic combination of black, white, and blue.
Features unique graphic prints and slogans like “DREAM IT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN” and “TO RAGE” for a rebellious, urban aesthetic.
Contrasting color panels and patches for a visually appealing and edgy look.
Detailed with a mix of textures, including distressed fabric and a metallic sheen for added depth and interest.
Functional large pockets on the sides, adding a practical element to the fashion-forward design.
Made from a durable fabric blend that offers both comfort and longevity.
Soft and breathable, ensuring all-day wearability.

These pants are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their outfit, whether worn for casual streetwear or styled up for an avant-garde ensemble.
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