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Desigual Women's Woven Long Skirt 24SWFW11

Desigual Women's Woven Long Skirt 24SWFW11

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 The Desigual Women's Woven Long Skirt 24SWFW11 features a stylish and unique design. Here are the key details:

  • Design: The skirt is predominantly black with intricate white drawings at the hem. These drawings include whimsical depictions of flowers, houses, and abstract elements, creating a charming and artistic look.
  • Length: It is a long skirt that reaches the ankles, providing a flowing and elegant appearance.
  • Fit: The skirt has a high-waisted design with a wide, form-fitting band at the top, followed by a gathered and flared lower part, enhancing a feminine silhouette.
  • Material: The fabric appears to be a lightweight and breathable woven material, making it comfortable for extended wear.
  • Styling: The skirt is paired with casual yellow sneakers and a white sweater, showcasing a balanced blend of casual and chic style.

This Desigual skirt is perfect for those looking to add a distinctive and artistic piece to their wardrobe, suitable for various occasions and versatile in styling options.

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