As a continuation of my previous blogs, I finally decided to work with something I really want to pursue my whole life, open a boutique store. It’s not an easy business especially when you are starting from scratch, and I did start from scratch.

I didn’t even know where to begin, but I was a hundred percent sure of what kind of clothing I want to sell. While my husband and his realtor friend were looking for good place to start a boutique store, I started shopping.   

Having no experience at all regarding wholesale I approached our best friend – the internet. I read a ton of literature on how to open a clothing boutique store, how to obtain state licenses, how to calculate selling prices and so on, and so on. But neither of this literature taught me how to find the BRANDS I like for the wholesale prices. 

From my child memory I remember that my mom loved clothes from France, which she was able to buy from the black market through one of her relative’s. I can remember those beautiful suites (Chanel style) and gorgeous mini dresses (I will look for pictures, I’m sure I have some).

My favorite for the last 20-25 years was Italian clothing.  That gave me a thought to search the internet for wholesale stores in France and Italy. I tried to search for a few days and anything I was able to find for reasonable prices was made in China, but I really wanted it to be made in Italy and France. Everything what was made in there cost 3 times more than clothing made in China. 

I decided to think about it a little more, stopped searching for a day and turned my logical discussion with myself ‘ON’.  Not to be repetitive but the prime idea was to look for style.  We all have different body compositions and I never saw a “perfect” figure in my life.  Usualy women try to hide their imperfection besides their clothes.  For example, if a women’s hips are too wide and she would like to cover them, she will never wear a tight skirt.  If her waist and stomach are too big, the best way to visibly reduce it is to wear a dress without a waistline or with a low waistline.  Some women are not critical to themselves but I am.  Not only am I trying the bigger size, but I am always looking for clothing that make the overall image smaller.  That is how I fall in love with the Turkish company H-4.  I found that brand name in a boutique a long time ago.  It fit me perfectly and covered everything that I wanted to cover.  The quality of fabric and style is amazing, and it fits all body types.

The whole point of me starting a clothing shop was an idea to help people with style. The store slogan is ‘WE SELL YOU STYLE NOT CLOTHES’, and this was my real intention. I took a paper and a pen and wrote down a list of brands, which style and quality I really like. It’s come down to mostly Italian, UK and Spain.

 I started to think again.  Going through all the wholesale websites, I realized that I can easily make a breakdown on the prices.  Some people shop in Walmart or Target.  Some people shop at Bloomingdale’s, and the next group will go to Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. 

There will always be a customer for one of these groups.  So, I decided to keep my original idea of building a style and have a pricing level for different groups of customers.

I think I’m finished for today.  Don’t walk far away from your computers because I will continue with my blog soon.  I have so much information to tell you and am very hopeful that everyone who participated in my blog in the nearest future “WILL BE IN STYLE”.    

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Do you sell clothes for extra tall women? Thank you.

Stephanie Fedorishin

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