It’s funny, and I didn’t think I would say it (I hate being repetitive) but time flies fast, very fast, too fast. Especially when you are getting to the 3rd trimester of your life.

I stopped writing my blogs almost a year ago, because I was sooooo busy building my dream store. My last blog was about the beginning of remodeling. I think we did great (of course I am continuing to enhance it on the daily basis). I was working on the design by myself, getting more and more ideas daily, until my husband said enough is enough. Originally all he wanted to do is to spray fresh paint, but we ended up redoing everything starting with the wall and ending with the ceiling, floors, electricity, air conditioner and heating system and of course decorations. I decided that I’m going with two main colors: blue and gold. And I kept it the way I want it be.

We finally opened on December 1st, and it was dead for a few months. I was very upset, depressed and hopeless, and started working on advertisement heavily. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, newspapers, flyers and everything else you can imagine. But still, people who entered the store told me they didn’t have a clue about this new boutique and just noticed it driving or walking by.

It’s so very hard to earn new clients and I was analyzing it day and night. Eventually, I realized that I get to choose my own way to win the heart of my people and should continue to follow my own steps. First of all, and I am sure this is the most important part, you have to be honest, kind, and friendly. That was easy because it was a part of my personality. I always loved to help people and did it my whole life. In reality, this job is not really different, because my goal is to make women feel beautiful in their new outfits. And whoever is telling you that clothes do not make you look different and don’t change your personality is lying to you.  So many women came to me saying that they are very conservative in clothing, and completely changed their minds by the time they were leaving the store. If you dress boring, you feel bored. Get out of you comfort zone and you’ll see how your look, spirit, energy, and personality will change.

Some Women say that they want to cover their bodies’ imperfections by wearing bulky clothes. This is not the correct vision. There is a ton of clothes which will flatter you, and don’t look bulky. You just have to open your mind and try it once. You don’t have to be skinny to look beautiful. I understand that not everyone knows where to start or what to try when revamping their look. That’s why I’m here, to dress you up style by style until you feel like Cinderella going to the ball. I guess that makes me the fairy godmother. Don’t be shy and come by the store. We have clothes for any style and budget.

Another good idea was to hire a seamstress.  Here I got lucky, I found the lady who was making dresses her whole life. We bonded together so well, because all of our ideas and visions were similar. We decided to throw in free alterations for any clothes bought in our store. Yes, that’s right, completely free. I know that from the business point this is not a smart decision. But I also know that it’s very rare to have a perfect body, and almost everyone wants a small touch up for their clothing fit.

We are starting to get more and more people stopping by the store. We got a lot of permanent clients who would come to us when they want to buy a new look for an occasion. The season change time is coming soon and I already preordered fall time clothes. Can’t wait to start changing racks from summer to autumn clothing.

I think I am done for today, and I promise you not to make such a long break between blogs.

Ah, and at the end WELCOME TO MY STORE at 817 Old York Rd, Jenkintown PA 19046, Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 5pm. And I promise to make you feel Beautiful.

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